Saturday, December 11, 2010

Treasure hunting

Jimmy and I have been exploring our new home on the 6th floor of the library. During study breaks we scour the countless shelves to see who can find the oldest book. So far, its from 1798.

which I found.

Well, I just picked up a book published in 1830 about Greece and there was a map tucked in the back. I was really hoping for a giant X, that would send us on an Indiana Jones-y kind of adventure.

No such luck. 

So for now I guess I'll just have to enjoy our book hunting adventures. And in case you are keeping score, I have the oldest, and coolest book.


  1. Library=yucky when you are studying for finals. Glad you got to have some fun in there!

  2. Haha! that's awesome! Too bad it's not a treasure map (;