Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Makeover

I have to take a break from my vacation posting to show you what I did! Saturday night on my way back from a friend's house I saw two white chairs on the curb.  It was late and my car is tiny so I left them. But I turned around to get them, then decided against it again, then turned back around one more time, I had to have them! So there it was almost 1 in the morning and Jimmy and I are stopped in the middle of the road trying to stuff these chairs in my car. They wouldn't fit so Jimmy carried them all the way to my house! don't worry they are light and it was like 2 minutes from my house.

The chairs were filthy, they had wasps nests all over them and the paint was peeling pretty badly. But I wanted to give them a second chance so I gave them a good scrubbing, sanded off what old paint I could, put a few layers of fresh paint on them, and made them pretty new cushions. And I am pretty happy with how they turned out!

The dirty dirty dirty chairs before..

 my handsome handy-man making the bottoms of the cushions

and drum roll please.......

The finished product

Now that they have had a make-over these pretty little chairs have a new home on my front porch!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break: Stop 3

After a night in the city of brotherly love.. just kidding that's cheesy. After stopping for a night in Philly our next stop was NEEEWW YOOORK (in my best Alicia Keys voice) It was relatively calm, I think because we were there on a Sunday. 

This day was especially perfect because I got to cross something off of my bucket list! We went to the American  Museum of Natural History, actually we were the first people in when it opened. As awesome as it was I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that it was nothing like it is in Night at the Museum.

After we went to the museum we walked to time square and had lunch. Then we went to F.A.O. Schwarz, I had to find it because my roommate said it was closed but one of the first things I saw when we got to the city was a woman with a F.A.O. Schwarz bag. So we went on a mission to find it. After that we spent a few hours in Central Park, then headed to our next stop.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break: Stop 2

After we left D.C. we drove to Philadelphia for the night. We got there too late to see any of the history, but we managed to do the most important thing there is to do in Philly.. eat Philly cheesesteak! Some of you might have heard about the food feud between Pat's and Geno's so we wanted to find out what they were all about. We were going to get a sandwich from both places and compare but the lines at both places were crazy long. So we chose Pat's, I didn't think I would like cheesesteak but it was pretty good.


Spring Break: Stop One

Last week was our road trip and it was perfect! We stopped in 5 different cities and I took over 1,000 pictures so I am going to split up my posts about the trip. The first day we drove 16 hours before we stopped for the night in Virgina, surprisingly it wasn't that bad of a drive, I doubt Jimmy would say the same though since he drive the whole time.

Our first major stop was D.C. We were only there for a few hours and just hit the major spots and had lunch.



Monday, March 7, 2011

new love

Before I get into the catch up posts I wanted to share with you a new obsession of mine. On Friday my parents came into town and we took them to First Friday in downtown Bryan, which is a really cool thing that happens on the first Friday of every month in historic downtown. There are art demonstrations, live music, horse-drawn carriage rides, magicians, and all of the shops and restaurants stay open late. 

Well when we were about to leave we decided to stop into one more place where a woman was paining in the window. When I walked in I was immediately drawn to a booth that had the most beautiful art with vibrant colors and textures. I wanted every piece! But like most original art it was a little out of my poor college student budget. Luckily though she had matted prints of the originals. The paintings were so gorgeous and the artist was so sweet that mom and I bought two prints! This is the one I picked

As soon as I got home I went to her website. And a few hours after creeping on her site, shop, and blog I got an e-mail from her. While we were at the show mom and I entered a drawing to win her signature piece, Embrace Change, and her e-mail was to tell me that I won! and it arrived today.

The talented artist behind these amazing pieces is Barbara German and you have to visit her website here, her blog here, and her Etsy shop here! You will fall in love with her stuff and will probably be as obsessed as I am. I love that each of her paintings has a story and an inspirational name. and I love even more that my package was addressed to "the amazing Jessica Wells".

So that is what I am loving at the moment. I will start catching up on things tomorrow. 

and side note.. FOUR days until spring break! On Thursday Jimmy and I will be taking our second annual spring break road trip. Last year we went to Hot Springs, Memphis, camping in the Smoky Mountains, and then to Florida. This year we are going to Virgina, Philadelphia, D.C., New York, and then to stay with Gram in Connecticut! I am counting the seconds.  

Friday, March 4, 2011

I am still alive

The mixture of being busy and being lazy have kept me away from blogging for over a month! Just wanted to give my regular visitors something new to look at. I will be catching up soon with a ton of pictures. Since I wrote last I went camping, took a trip to Houston to visit Jimmy's new med school, it was Jimmy's 22nd birthday, and went to Mardi Gras in Galveston. So now at least you have something to look forward to.