Friday, December 10, 2010

Growing up

On a study break at the library today I came across this picture on we ♥ it

I wouldn't say my childhood was wasted, it was awesome actually. but I definitely spent most of my time and energy trying to be "grown up". 

This is something I think about a lot, usually when Jimmy and I are dancing our way through the grocery store aisles, or when I challenge someone to race to the car in the parking lot. these are things I wouldn't have been caught dead doing when I was younger, how immature

 It wasn't hard for me to act older as a kid, because I looked older. I have been the height I am now (5'6) since around 3rd grade. In the pictures of my 5th grade graduation I am at least 2 feet taller than my teacher. You know the Michael Jackson song, act your age not your shoe size? a little known fact about me is that, at age 10, these two numbers were the same. yes, I know, my feet are huge.

I went to daycare until I was too old to go, and had an unhealthy obsession with being like the teachers who worked there. Then, when I was 16, I became one. and it wasn't as cool as I had anticipated. Its so weird when I get facebook friend requests from kids who went to the daycare.
I am not old enough for this!

The other day some elementary schools were on a field trip on campus and while I was walking to class a little girl pointed at me and said excitedly "shes in college"  It was the cutest, and most depressing thing ever. It feels like yesterday when I was her age, dying to be this age.

Now that I'm here, I'm fighting growing up at every turn. I was probably the only person I know who wasn't excited about turning 21. and the only daughter who doesn't like hearing her parents call her an "adult". 

This summer on a visit with Grammie in Connecticut my 10 year old cousin Kate introduced us to the game "man hunt" which is essentially just hide and seek outside, at night. So there we were, a bunch of "adults" (19-21) playing hide and seek in the woods. Grammie and mom got on to us for running around like "little kids" but it was a blast!

I have always been the "mature" one. and now, I'm making up for lost time, I am going to have fun acting like a kid. even if I am finally grown up.

*side note: daycare is where I met Jimmy. He was my first crush, if you don't count Garth Brooks. my mom just found a picture of us at our pre-k graduation. I'll save the details of how he went from first crush to main squeeze for another time, its back to the books I go. adios kiddos


  1. Why have I never heard of We heart it?!? Thank you for providing me with a new way to procrastinate.

  2. First, I would love to see this daycare picture. Too cute.

    Secondly, I am like you. As a child I always wanted to sit at the adults table and be included in their conversations. I think it's wonderful that you are acting like a kid. I think it's more you accepting your inner kid, I am sure when you are faced with adult decisions you are very mature about it. So, have fun. No judgments here!

  3. i love that quote - i always feel as though im going to look back and go i wish i acted more like a child hehe

    stop by sometime<3

  4. Love this post! The only thing better about being an adult is candy for dinner!

  5. Such a great post! Good luck with the studying!! Have a great weekend!

  6. This is exactly how i feel!! i have a sister who is 14 and sometimes i embarass her because i behave like a child. of course i don't do it all the time, but sometimes i just feel like having fun and not being a serious adult! great post! good luck with your exams!

  7. My feet are size 11! It's terrible! haha Most shoes are only made to size 10 so consider yourself lucky! =)
    I always get weirded out when I think about how old I am. Especially now that I'm married and a year away from graduating college, I just can't believe it. Plus, my brother just turned 18 which means he's getting old too. It's sooo weird!