Sunday, November 7, 2010

Come on people

Okay readers.. we need to talk. I know I have a few faithful readers who rave about my blog, and I don't want to take anything away from them when I say this but.. it would be a lot more fulfilling to keep up with this blog if I had more readers. I know my blog isn't the most exciting, I'd like to think it is because it's fairly new but I would feel a lot more inclined to spice it up if I knew I was writing for a larger crowd. I currently have 12 followers, twelve. some of the blogs I follow have hundreds. lame

soooo if you're reading this and are not a "follower" do it, or else! ok not or else but it would be nice of you. Just click on the "follow" button on the right hand side and choose an account you'd like to use. Also, tell your friends, parents, kids, aunts, cousins, strangers. All the cool kids follow my blog. And feel free to comment or email with thoughts, ideas, questions, suggestions, personal anecdotes. I'd like to get into blogging and have relationships with my readers and giveaways and contests and witty banter like other blogs I've seen. I can justify taking time away from studying if I have fans depending on me. So come on people, help me make this the best blog ever.

Think about it this way.. when they make the movie about my life you'll play an important role. You'll be able to say you knew me way back when.


  1. I just put you at sweet 16! Thanks for following my blog - I feel your blogger pain! I sometimes feel like I'm talking to myself :)

  2. Sometimes I feel the same way! Just keep on blogging! No worries! We're reading.

  3. I love you! You have accomplished my seventy-eight followers! (I know that's not many.. but i'd like to think so, haha)!
    And guess what, I'm following you as well! So keep writing-

  4. Right there with you, I think Ive lost a follower or two along the way, but just be true to yourself and blog for you and people will come! :)

  5. You're so cute! I started out with a tiny following too, just this past July when I started blogging and I'm in the 90's now!! Here are some tips: the best way to gain followers is to follow others first. I always return a follow and I know that's how a lot of other well-known bloggers are, too. The other way to grow the blog is to join link parties and comment on lots of other blogs! Normally people will return the follow. Another tip is to blog everyday! Even if it's only a small post (: And lastly, just be yourself. Blog about things you love and things that inspire you. Followers will come (: Be patient!