Thursday, October 28, 2010

Snuggle a Puggle

I haven't blogged much about the love of my life, Oliver. I literally have the smartest, cutest, best smelling, most friendly, most snuggly dog in the entire world. ever. I wanted and begged and cried for a dog for 20 years, every time I threw a penny in a fountain or blew an eyelash I wished for a puppy. and Oliver was worth the wait, he is the BEST!! that's why I had a PANIC ATTACK when he got off his leash last night and ran off. I was taking the trash to the curb and decided to take Oliver with me but he isn't the best with "come" so he has to be on a leash. If we are at the lake, where I know no cars can run him over he can be off leash, he runs off and explores but always finds us. Well we have him in a new Halloween collar, that apparently wasn't tight enough because as soon as we got outside the retractable leash slapped back to me collar and all. And of course it took Oliver less than a second to realize he was free. He RAN down the street, which leads to the highway. The second I saw the leash in my hand and him turn away from me I burst into tears. I ran into the house calling his name because sometimes if you sound like you're doing something exciting he comes running after you but nope, not tonight. I grabbed my phone and called Jimmy sobbing that I lost Oliver. When I got back to the yard he was peeing on our next door neighbors tree almost exactly where I had left him, he just looked at my like "whats all the commotion" and walked back to the house with me. Needless to say like the drama queen I am, I blew the situation way out of proportion. but that didn't stop me from crying for the next 20 minutes. I almost LOST him! Oliver, the best dog in the world, gone. I couldn't stop thinking about never seeing him again. All I know is that someone better come up with the technology to keep him alive forever, or clone him. Everyone needs their own Oliver, there's no better feeling than to snuggle a puggle.


  1. oh my goshhh! it's my life dream to get a puggle :)
    i think they are adorable <3