Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So as you know I've been "on the fence" about my next move toward a career, and it is settled. I just took a personality/career test and it said I should be a JOURNALIST!! I mean seriously, how perfect is that. exactly what I was thinking about doing. I am going to email someone in A&M's journalism department and see what they can tell me.

Today was Matthew's kindergarten graduation. Jimmy came with me to the ceremony. Which means Matthew didn't care one bit that I was there. It is amazing what a year of school can do for a kid. Last summer I couldn't get him to be in the same room with a book. Now, he is reading like a pro, and he wants to read. I love it. And the kid is a math genius. Unlike me. Maybe he can help me when my summer classes start.

Leah had her first dance class today, it was at one of those cheer gyms. Matthew and I sat in the lobby for an hour and it was very entertaining. Some of the moms in this place were hilarious. Competing and flaunting, it was like watching an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras. awesome people-watching session.

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