Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday

If anyone is thinking about taking classes from Richland, shoot yourself in the foot instead. It will be a lot less painful. After I waited for over an hour to see an adviser today, some girl came out and told me that the math class that I took at Texas A&M University doesn't meet the requirements to take a math class at Richland community college. And when I told her I wanted to talk to the adviser she said I could go to the back of the line and wait again. yeah freaking right.

All that crap almost ruined my favorite day of the week, comedy Wednesday. I live for Modern Family and Cougar Town. I missed last week though. My afternoon off tomorrow will be a perfect time to catch up. I will also be going like six assignments for my Econ class. Maymester is no joke, cramming a semester's worth of material into 2 weeks is a blessing and a curse. I'm going to take Oliver to the park tomorrow too!

Tonight was yoga for p90x. So far its the only work out I didn't finish. I am the most inflexible person in the world. And throw in my back problems and yoga becomes impossible, comical even. How am I supposed to relax and clear my mind when I'm having back spasms and falling on my face. yeah freakin right, Tony.

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