Thursday, April 29, 2010

the not so itsy-bitsy spider

So, I'm cleaning my room, you know, minding my own business and what do I see? a freaking tarantula in my bathtub! and of course Jimmy left 2 minutes before, and wouldn't answer his phone.

I really, really hate bugs!! But I don't usually do the typical girly freak-out. This time, however, it was completely necessary. I could have put a saddle on this thing and ridden it around the apartment. Brooke came downstairs, to join in on the freaking-out, she was more scared then I was. 

Finally Jimmy answered and came back over! I know, I know, he's the best. He killed it, which I was surprised about. Brooke and I were sure he was going to try to save it and release it back into the wild. But thankfully he squashed and flushed it. I have a rule about this sort of thing: If you're outside in nature you can't kill bugs, but as soon as it comes inside, its fair game. And this elephant, masquerading as a spider, was an easy target.

So now I'm sitting here, alone. And I just know his giant spider friends are going to come take revenge on me. I'm so freaked out I can't even get off my bed to finish cleaning. If I'm dead tomorrow morning, tell them to check my throat, it will be filled with spider eggs.

*Side note about dealing with bugs in the home: Hair spray works really well at making sure a bug doesn't move while you're waiting for someone to come kill it. This is especially true for daddy long legs'. Those skinny legs don't stand a chance against the stickiness of hairspray.

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