Monday, April 26, 2010

Bad day

Today was just not the day.. for anyone.

I woke up this morning in an unexplained bad mood, I should have taken it as a sign and just stayed in bed. I almost killed someone trying to register for summer classes at Richland. Its more of a pain in the ass to register there than at A&M. Which I also had to do today. I basically got none of the classes I want or need. whatever.

Then my mom called me in class to tell me that my brother, Austin, and his girlfriend
Beth,(my future roomie) got in a wreck. What she literally said was "Austin's front end got taken out, and Beth's car is probably totaled" huh? did they run into each other? Nope. It happened in the parking lot at Blinn. Some guy (going way to fast for a parking lot) managed to wreck FIVE cars!! It was quite the ordeal. Here's what went down.. He was hauling ass and pulled out in front of a car.. that car hit him.. he then popped the curb and accelerated, yes, accelerated, into a row of parked cars. Two of which were Austin's hummer and Beth's bug ("beetle bop yellow" for any Lee's reading). They were sitting in Austin's car. Good thing because if Beth had been in her car, or between them it would have been bad. Jimmy and I, and Beth's brother Andy were good siblings and went to save the day. We spent two hours up there. What a mess. Thankfully, everyone was okay. Now Austin has my car till his is fixed, Jimmy will be stuck with me until then.

Here are some pictures of the debacle..

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  1. in the last picture the cop is trying to buy Austin's car lol