Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's on Jessica's phone

I linked up with Jessica at The Lowe Family News to share my phone pictures of the week.

This is our little baby tree. (its actually an outdoor tree) It's tall and skinny like I wish I was. It fails in comparison to my mom's magnificent tree at home but its a perfect fit for my little college family. The tree skirt used to be on the tree when I was younger. cute huh?

Jimmy and I put up lights.. aren't they festive!? We had to plug them into my room through the window because the stupid house doesn't have an outdoor socket. so lame

This is Oli and I relaxing at home during the long weekend, and yes it is warm enough for shorts, sick I know.

Daddy-O giving Oliver leftover turkey. He probably gained 10 pounds from all of the table scraps. he. was. in. heaven.

This my friends is Oliver's place to lay. I make my bed and get my pillows
just right and turn my back for one second only to find this. This isn't from this week because my room looks like a tornado hit it and my bed hasn't been made since.. longer then I care to say, but it's so cute I had to share!


  1. aw, the last picture is sooo cute!! oliver must be exhausted from all the turkey eating :)!
    i really like your blog, thanks for sharing from a future teacher as well!

  2. what? no snow? i'll be right there.

  3. Love your cute little tree! And a little jealous of the weather. :)