Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm back! (for real this time)

I'd like to sincerely apologize to my faithful readers who have had to stare at a picture of a shark for the past few months. I really have no excuse for not writing and I have cheated you out of some really good posts that I was just too lazy to write. Instead of dwelling on the past I ask you to forgive this injustice so that we may move forward, with the promise that I will get back in the habit of blogging.

I'd like my comeback post to be about a very important thing that has recently entered my life. It is a show on TLC called Sister Wives that follows a polygamist family. Its the real life version of Big Love and I can't get enough of these people! Its like seeing a car accident happen.. it gives you a really weird feeling in the pit of your stomach, but you can't help but watch, and a part of you secretly enjoys the rarity and chaos of it all. Here's how it goes down.. the husband has been married to wife #1 for 20 years, wife #2 for 17 and the third for 16 years. He just recently courted and married a fourth wife. He has 13 children with his first 3 wives and his 4th wife has 3 of her own. They all live in one big house that has separate living spaces for each wife. He rotates between each of the wives. My initial thought was what is wrong with this guy.. yeah, 4 wives means 4 times the naughty time. But it also means 4 times the PMS. heelllloooo Its not like having a mistress where its all fun, no commitment. Its the exact opposite. But I don't care for him much. The wives on the other hand I love! I could never imagine having sister wives, but the reasons they have for doing it actually seem logical. For example, working moms go to work all day then come come and cook and clean and help with homework. Solution: have multiple moms to do each job. Another plus: the first 3 wives were all married to Kody before any of the kids were born so its like the kids have 3 moms, If something happened to one of the women, they know that the others would raise their children how they would want. They have a large, exciting family, there is always someone there and they have have really close best friends. BUT they share a husband. All of these women seem to be sane, but how they can overlook this fact is beyond me. I would never willingly share my husband, but I think if it makes them happy, which it seems they are, children included, then go for it, the more the merrier! I'm thankful they chose this lifestyle, it makes for great TV. Thanks TLC & Brown family for my newest guilty pleasure.

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  1. I wish I had a few sister wives to help me clean my closets!