Monday, May 10, 2010


It seems like an eternity but in just two days I will be going home to my big house & comfy bed, good food and family, I will be starting my job again and laying out, and actually sleeping. I am so so so ready for a break from school. If I didn't like shopping so much, I'd drop out and become a bum. A beach bum wouldn't be too bad though. That's what I'll do.. go live on some beach, and make money selling sea shell necklaces. Although, nowadays I'd probably even need a business degree to do that.

Going home this weekend made my homesickness like 100 times worse. I only had to come back for 3 days but I threw a big fit like a 5 year old about having to go back. Don't get me wrong, I love living in College Station and being "on my own" but I just want to be home.

I went to dinner with Brooke on Friday and we started talking about how sad it is that our families go on living there lives even though we're not there. I know, we're really mature. I wasn't planning on going home because I had a final at 8 this morning. But on the way back from dinner I realized that I don't really care enough about school to miss Mother's days. So Jimmy and I drove home to surprise our moms. I didn't get home till after midnight and mom was really surprised!!

On Saturday, Jimmy and I sat outside and studied, it was perfect weather. Then I went shopping with my Daddy-O to get stuff for the big Mother's day bash. Saturday night we all sat outside and talked, it was really relaxing. Everyone came over on Sunday to celebrate. I knew I missed everyone but I didn't realize how much until after I saw them.

I guess I better go study.. for the one thing standing in the way of my beautiful summer. (said with the most resentment possible)

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