Saturday, April 24, 2010

Busy, Busy Bee

I've been crazy busy the past few days. Which usually happens when my friend Ankita comes into town.

On Thursday my roommate Brooke, Ankita and I went to Houston for a little shopping. Brooke is going to NY for an internship on Wall Street this summer so naturally she needs an entirely new wardrobe. Our "little" shopping trip turned into an all out shopping spree. There was money flying everywhere, clothes were being yanked off the racks and thrown into bags, we were yelling and running, people were starting to stare. exaggeration you say? nonsense. My cousin was in Houston with friends so we met them for lunch. I really enjoyed seeing her! After lunch we went to 2 different malls downtown and then to a cupcake place for a snack. On the way home we stopped at an outlet mall.. that is when the madness began. There were deals that would make your head spin. Over all it was a successful day, we literally shopped until we dropped. All three of us slept on the drive home. It was a miracle we made it back.

Friday after class I took a 3 hour nap!! It was amazing. Then Jimmy, Mihir, Ankita and I went to On the Border for dinner. Its like a tradition when Ankita comes. She is a vegetarian so there is usually only a few things she can order, but there was a new thing on the menu that she tried. It was big deal. After dinner my friend Brooke and her boyfriend Ryan came over to Jimmy's apartment for game night. There should be some kind of law against drinking and playing Taboo. Things got a little heated to say the least. who am I kidding.. I get so intense ANY time I play games. anyway.. girls DOMINATED and a very valuable lesson was learned that night..

girls rule, and boys drool.

Today Jimmy and I, and Brooke and Ryan had a busy day. Jimmy's apartment complex put on a crawfish boil/pool party. And the cajun "coonass" in Jimmy can't pass up crawfish. We got like 10 shirts, each. What will we do with all of these shirts you ask?! One for everyday of the week, and some to sleep in. duh After lunch we went to Jubliee. It was supposed to be like a give back to the community/ take what you need, free garage sale type thing, with food and music & hanging out. But by the time we got there (over an hour before it was supposed to end) everything was being packed up. Oh well, I got rid of the bag of clothes that had been sitting in my room for over a month, and maybe helped someone in need. After that we went to the lake. It was a BEAUTIFUL day to be outside. The boys went mountain bike riding in the trails and Brooke and I walked & talked and let Oliver run around. We had a late lunch by the water at a place that has the best hamburger in the history of the world! When we left I came home and took another amazing nap. I think tonight we're going to have a game night rematch. The boys can't stand that they lost, and not just lost by a few, got completely annihilated by girls. I wonder how upset they are going to be when it happens again.

oh and.. my TOMS are finished and look great!! Jimmy sewed some fabric on them for me. I know its pitiful that I can't sew, stitch, or knit and my boyfriend can. In my defense, he is good at everything.

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